How to Find Your Perfect Frames

Finding the ideal frames for you may feel overwhelming with a wide selection of shapes, colors, patterns, and brands to choose from. However, by considering the following factors including your lifestyle, prescription, and face shape you can easily find a pair of frames that are not only functional, but that perfectly suit your style and personality.

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1. Consider Your Face Shape

When choosing frames, pick options that contrast your face shape for a balanced look that will highlight your facial features. Learn more about which frame shape will suit your face shape here.

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2. Pick a Material

Frames come in many different materials, each with their own unique appearance and function. When choosing the ideal material for your frames, you will need to consider which features best fit your lifestyle, budget, and style preferences.



Metal frames are durable, lightweight, and offer a thin frame construction available in both full and semi-rimless designs. They are often outfitted with adjustable rubber nose pads for a comfortable and precise fit.


Titanium frames are strong, corrosion resistant and long lasting. They are also hypoallergenic, making them a great option if you have sensitive skin or allergies to other metals.


Memory Metal:

Memory metal frames are made of a special titanium alloy that is durable, ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible. They can bend to the extreme while still retaining their original shape, making them ideal for active lifestyles.


Plastic frames are generally less expensive than metal alternatives and come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns giving you endless style options to choose from. They are also available in thicker designs which are ideal for higher prescription lenses.

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3. Decide on a Color

When choosing the color of your frames, be sure to consider the color and undertones of your eyes, hair, and skin tone. Generally, you want to choose frame colors that will complement your natural features and bring out these undertones. Going with neutral colors such as blacks, whites, beiges, and browns will give you a classic and polished look. If you want to make more of a statement, choose bright colors that contrast your natural features such as reds, blues, purples, oranges, and greens.

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4. Choose the Correct Size Frame for Your Face

Frames that are either too small or too large can appear disproportionate and will bring imbalance to your facial features. Your Shopko Optical opticians will help you choose the ideal size frames for your face, ensure they fit properly, and make any adjustments if necessary. To learn more about how your glasses should fit, click here.


How Your Glasses Should Fit


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5. Think About Your Prescription

Certain frame styles are better suited for specific prescription strengths. Be sure that the frames you choose offer proper stability and space for your lenses to function properly. For example, semi-rimless designs are excellent for thin lenses with a light prescription strength and full-rimmed styles provide the necessary stability for thicker lenses and multifocal prescriptions.

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6. Channel Your Personality

The style of your frames is an excellent way to let your personality shine. Try experimenting with various shapes, colors, and patterns to reflect your personal style through your glasses.

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7. Consider Your Lifestyle

Think about your occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle—then consider which frame features will best suit these every-day activities. If you spend your days at the office, frames in traditional shapes and colors can help you convey confidence and professionalism. Do you live an active lifestyle? You may want to opt for memory metal frames for their durability and impact resistance. If you are an artist, you may choose a colorful pair of plastic frames to showcase your creativity.

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8. Ask an Expert

If you are having trouble deciding which frames might be best for you, ask one of our experienced opticians at Shopko Optical. They will take the time to listen to your needs and walk you through different frame options to help you find the perfect pair that fits your style and budget.

The definition of the “perfect” eyeglass frames is as unique as the person wearing them. Considering factors like face shape, lifestyle, and complexion can help you determine which frames are right for you. Ultimately, the perfect pair of frames are the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident.

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