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Why Wear Safety Glasses?

While you might not think you need eye protection at work, there are thousands of injuries every year in which workers weren’t wearing safety glasses. Protective eyewear helps shield your eyes from chemicals, foreign objects, cuts, scrapes on your cornea, infections, and more.

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Proper protective eyewear prevents 90 percent of all eye injuries.

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Leading Reasons for Eye Injuries on the Job*

  • No eye protection
  • The wrong kind of protection

*Source: American Optometric Association

Shopko Optical Safety Eyewear

Engineered to a Higher Standard
Safety lenses and frames go above and beyond everyday eyewear to withstand impact and prevent eye injuries.

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Annual eye injuries, by the numbers*

  • 700,000 at work
  • 125,000 at home
  • 70,000 in industrial accidents
  • 25,000 in sports

*Source: Prevent Blindness®

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Prescription and non-prescription safety glasses available.

Who Needs Safety Eyewear?

Anyone working in a job that could result in eye injuries should wear safety glasses, but the following professions are at an especially high risk:

  • Welding
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Auto Repair

Talk to your employer or a Shopko Optical optician if you think you need safety glasses.

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Discounted Rates for Employers

We partner with employers to create a safety eyewear program that meets their needs using the latest lens technology and styles from OnGuard Safety.

Safety Eyewear Program

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