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How to Put In Contact Lenses

If it’s your first time wearing contact lenses, or you’re considering getting them, it’s important to know the proper instructions to follow as you practice applying them to your eyes. With time and patience, putting in your contact lenses will become an easy part of your daily routine.

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How to Remove Contact Lenses

Removing your contacts at the end of each day and storing them properly is an important responsibility. It takes just a few minutes to do and is crucial to the health of your eyes.

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How to Clean Reusable Contact Lenses

Cleaning your reusable lenses involves a few simple steps that are essential in performance and long-lasting healthy vision. If you wear daily disposables, remember to remove and discard them at the end of every day.

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How to Clean Your Contact Lens Case

Keeping your contact lens case clean on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is essential to the health of your contact lenses and to your vision overall. It’s important to establish a regular cleaning routine to avoid the possibility of an eye infection.

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