The Shopko Foundation is proud of Shopko's roots as a retail health and optical care provider. To maximize its impact, the Foundation has a narrow focus on areas of giving that support the health of Shopko customers, teammates and communities. The Foundation also recognizes that education is fundamental to an individual's health and functionality in society.

To achieve its vision, the Shopko Foundation believes in supporting community projects that may be accessed by, and our contribution made well known to, customers and teammates of Shopko. Funds will support established non-profit organizations with a proven record of success in maintaining solid, critical programs or innovative new organizations and programs supported by established non-profits or successful leadership. Consideration will be given to grant proposals that:

  • help citizens of all ages maintain or improve their physical health; and,
  • help students succeed in school and become self-sufficient adults.

To that end, the Foundation supports the following programs:

Green Bay Area Community Grant Program

The Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life in the Green Bay area through charitable causes, events and activities that support healthy lifestyles for residents. Our goal is to make our community a better place to live by supporting programs and services that improve the health and education of its residents.

Grants awarded through this program support larger or long-term community wide projects. Click here to apply online.

Community Charitable Grants

The Foundation views each community where Shopko has operations as our "hometown." We appreciate the opportunity to do business in these communities and strive to strengthen them through support of charitable events and activities which promote healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities for residents.

To learn more about the Shopko Foundation's online application process, review the official rules or contact the Shopko Foundation.

Click here to apply online.

In general, the Shopko Foundation does not support the following:

  • Programs or events that do not support the Foundation's mission
  • Programs or events outside of Shopko communities
  • Sponsorship of cultural exhibits
  • Events which provide assistance to a specific individual
  • Advertising in event programs or yearbooks
  • Religious organizations (however gifts designated for, and restricted to, human services or humanitarian purposes may be eligible)
  • Political or fraternal organizations
  • Events with multiple or competing business sponsors
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of sex, creed, national origin or religion
  • Charitable requests in support of raffle, auctions, benefits or similar fundraising events

Teammate Community Service Grant Program

In support of the communities in which we do business, teammates who volunteer their time for a non-profit organization in their communities are eligible for a Service Grant from the Foundation. Our goal is to sponsor those charitable causes that are supported in a meaningful way by our teammates and support the Foundation's stated mission of encouraging the health of Shopko customers, teammates and communities.

Review the program guidelines and click here to apply online.

Teammate and Family Members Scholarship Program

The Shopko Foundation recognizes that there is a well-known, large and persistent association between education and health. Because of the positive health consequences related to increased education, the Shopko Foundation supports the education of our Shopko family. Through a competitive process, the Foundation awards grants to qualified winners in amounts up to $2,500 for a given academic year.

To learn more about the Shopko Foundation's Teammate and Family Scholarship, review the program guidelines and official rules.

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