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Polaroid 8 Gigabyte Music Player

Item #41423 Model PMP288C-8BK


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    Polaroid 8GB Touchscreen Music & Video Player.
  • 8GB internal memory with camera.
  • 2.8" touchscreen color display.
  • Stores & plays music, video and pictures.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • Polaroid 8 Gigabyte Music Player


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    Meets Expectations

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    Was expecting a whole lot more from Polaroid

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    The camera/player has to be turned on in order to be charged ... yet the instructions state not to turn on the device until the unit has charged at least 8 hours. Once charged, the instructions admonish you not to let the unit charge for any more than 8 hours. Downloading music to the player is easy, but listening is very disappointing: The music sounds "tinny" even on quality headphones and with any of the music genres selected ... Jazz, Rock, Normal etc. If you use the ear buds supplied with the player, you can barely hear the music at all ... even at full volume. For a Polaroid device, the camera is just plain awful. The viewing screen is dark and cramped for space, and the pictures come out blurred/fuzzy. Power is supplied through a switch operated via a tiny post that you push with your thumb/finger nail. The unit comes with a tiny stylus pen that you'll absolutely need to toggle many of the settings. Hopefully I got a lemon, and you will have a better experience with your recorder/player.

    Pros: Looks nice.

    Cons: Sound is "tinny". Photo's are awful via a camera that's wholly disappointing considering it's a Polaroid.

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