How to Protect Your Eyes This Spring

Packing up for a spring break trip or just losing the winter layers to enjoy some time outside? While you’re gearing up to bask in the spring sun, plan to take your sunglasses and hat with you, too! By taking preventative measures against harmful UV exposure, spring eye allergies, and other eye irritants that come with the change in seasons, you can protect your eyes while relishing in the warmer weather.

woman wearing sunglasses

1. Wear Sunglasses and a Hat

While the weather warms up and you head outside for spring activities like picnics, walks, and outdoor sports, remember to wear sunglasses or polarized prescription lenses like PhotoFusion or Polarized Sun and a hat to shield your eyes and face from direct sunlight and avoid sun damage caused by harmful UV rays. If you’re near water, it’s particularly important to wear sunglasses to reduce the chance of eye damage or pain from reflecting glare.

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2. Remove Contacts Before Swimming and Wear Goggles

Take your contacts out before swimming in a pool or the ocean to avoid infection caused by trapped water between the contact lens and your eye. Wearing goggles in the water can further help to prevent contaminants like sand, dirt, salt water and chlorine from irritating your eyes.

Safety Glasses

3. Wear Protective Eyewear for Spring Activities

Consider eye protection during outdoor activities to prevent an accidental injury whether doing yard work, spring cleaning, or playing sports. Safety goggles create a seal around the eyes to prevent things like dirt, debris, shrubbery, or pollen from blowing into your eyes in the yard or garden and shields them from chemicals that may be used while cleaning. Proper protective gear also protects your eyes from an injury such as a ball or elbow to the face while playing sports.

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4. Reduce Exposure to Springtime Allergens

Blooming spring flowers, pollen, mold, and dust mites can bring on common allergy symptoms like congestion along with red, itchy, irritated, or watery eyes. To reduce your exposure to these allergens, you can try to do some house cleaning, replace your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters, check pollen reports before heading out for an outdoor activity, or try a saline rinse to help with dry eyes. Additionally, frequent washing of your face and hands can help reduce allergens from contacting your eyes. Learn more ways to alleviate springtime eye allergies.

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5. Visit Your Shopko Optical Eye Doctor

Visit your Shopko Optical optometrist for your annual exam and to get your questions answered about your prescription, plus any additional information and advice on eye protection during outdoor spring activities.

Whether you’re taking a spring break trip or staying local, remember that the sun and water can present risks to your eye health. Protect your eyes with these tips, schedule your annual eye exam, and enjoy the changing of the seasons!

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