How to Pick Your Perfect Lenses

While the “perfect” lenses may look different for everyone, your ideal lenses are those that are specially designed to optimize your vision. By considering key factors including your prescription, budget, and daily activities you will easily be able to determine which lenses will work best for you.

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1. Know Your Prescription Needs

For vision correction at a single distance, you will want to opt for single vision lenses, which contain one singular prescription strength throughout the lens. However, if you require glasses for seeing at both near, far, and intermediate distances, bifocal or progressive lenses may be best for you. During your appointment, your optometrist will determine your ideal prescription power and help you decide which type of lenses are best suited for your visual needs.

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2. Decide on a Material

Lenses come in a variety of materials including high-index, polycarbonate, and plastic options. When choosing your lens material, evaluate which key features align best with your lifestyle, prescription, and budget. Learn more about these lens materials here.



High-index lenses are specially designed for strong prescriptions. They are also the thinnest and most lightweight lens option.



Polycarbonate lenses provide superior impact and scratch resistance making them ideal for children, or people who live active lifestyles.


Plastic lenses are the most affordable option and work well for lighter prescriptions.


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3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you spend your days at the office? You may want lenses that can seamlessly transition from your screen to paperwork on your desk to in-person interactions. If you spend significant time on the road, you may opt for options that decrease glare from the sun or oncoming headlights and make it easier to see in the dark or during harsh weather conditions. If you are an avid digital device user, select options that can help reduce any eye fatigue or digital eye strain symptoms you may experience. You can learn more about specialized lens options here.

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4. Evaluate Different Coatings

Lens coatings are treatments that can be added to your lenses to enhance their performance and durability. Different coatings can reduce glare, provide blue light protection, prevent build-up, and increase the scratch resistance of your lenses. Learn more about lens coating options here.

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5. Include UV Protection

UV radiation poses a year-round risk to your eyes and can increase your chances of developing eye conditions later in life. Not just for sunglasses anymore, full UV protection can also be added to clear everyday lenses to ensure your eyes are always protected from these harmful UV rays.

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6. Ask an Expert

Your Shopko Optical optician will help you evaluate which lenses align best with your visual and lifestyle needs. They will walk you through your prescription, lens types, and enhancement options to ensure you are fit with your perfect lenses.

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