How to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Eyeglasses

Your child’s first pair of glasses may come with an adjustment period for the both of you. While you certainly understand the impact of vision on development and learning, your child will likely not see it that way. The new responsibility placed on your child of wearing and caring for their new glasses can cause conflict or push back in the initial days of getting them. However, below are some helpful tips as you work with your child to transition into their new look.


let your child have say in choosing frames

1. Encourage Your Child to Pick Out Frames They Like

When picking out frames, allow your child to express their input on frames they like. If they’re able to choose frames in their favorite color, they may be more enthusiastic about wearing them every day.


ensure frames are adjusted properly

2. Ensure Frames Are Adjusted Properly

When your child’s glasses are ready to be picked up, an optician will help to ensure that their eyes, nose, and ears are fitted properly to achieve the most comfortable fit and vision. When fitted properly, your child will be less likely to complain of discomfort or headaches.


find people they can relate to that wear glasses

3. Find People They Can Relate to That Wear Glasses

Think of a family member, favorite cartoon character or character from a book that your child looks up to and explain that they now look more like them! Help your child understand that their favorite person or character also wears glasses to see more clearly and that it’s a gift to be able to do so.


have your child wear their glasses consistently

4. Have Them Wear Their Glasses Consistently

Be consistent with the schedule you set as your child adjusts to their glasses. It’s important to hold them accountable while also reminding them that although it’s a new adjustment, wearing them consistently will help them see and enjoy the world around them more clearly.


teach your child the rules of care and cleaning

5. Teach Your Child the Rules of Care and Cleaning

Show your child how to properly clean their glasses with warm water and a lint-free cloth. Additionally, explain the importance of placing them in a protective case to prevent scratches. Help your child clean and store their glasses the first few times to allow them practice until it becomes second nature.


compliment your child while they wear their glasses

6. Compliment Them & Praise Them When They Wear Their Glasses Without Being Told

Compliment your child to help them feel more confident in their new glasses. Give them positive reinforcements until wearing their glasses and caring for them becomes a daily habit.

Remember that the adjustment to new glasses and a new prescription will take time and patience. Be sure to check in with your child periodically to make sure their glasses are still fitting comfortably. Annual eye exams with a licensed optometrist are also essential to maintain a current prescription and to detect any other eye concerns as your child grows.

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