FastCare Walk-in Clinics

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Come see us for treatments including:

  • .Allergies (6 yrs. & older)
  • .Athlete’s Foot
  • .Bladder infections (females 12 yrs. & older)
  • .Cold & flu symptoms
  • .Cold sores
  • .Ear infections
  • .Impetigo
  • .Insect bites
  • .Laryngitis
  • .Minor burns and rashes
  • .Minor sunburn
  • .Mononucleosis
  • .Monospot
  • .Pharyngitis
  • .Poison ivy (3 yrs. & older)
  • .Pregnancy test
  • .Rapid test
  • .Ringworm
  • .Sinus infections (5 yrs. & older)
  • .Sore throat
  • .Sports/Camp physicals
  • .Swimmer’s ear
  • .Upper respiratory infection
  • .Urinalysis

Patients must be 18 months or older. Some age restrictions exist on select services. Services may vary by location.

Shopko Stores Operating Company, LLC ("Shopko") is not responsible for the provision of healthcare or other services at or through any FastCare clinic location, as such services are provided by independent third-party healthcare and other providers who exercise their own independent judgment regarding the services provided. Shopko disclaims any warranties for services or goods provided at or through any FastCare clinic location.

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