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Programs that enhance education are eligible to
receive support from the Shopko Foundation

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."—Benjamin Franklin. The Shopko Foundation also believes education is fundamental to an individuals' lifelong success, ongoing health, and functionality in society. Grants of up to $2,500 are awarded to publicly and privately funded schools (K-12) to help students.

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Kiel Community Grants - Various

Many of our Shopko Hometown Stores are located in small towns around the country. That's why the Shopko Foundation is always looking for opportunities to support these communities and enrich the lives of people who live there. The city of Kiel, Wisconsin, population 3,738, is one of those special places.

The Kiel School District benefited from the Foundation's education grant, which provides critical financial support while raising awareness about budgetary challenges in education. Over the past two years, the Shopko Foundation has provided over $7,000 to help provide school supplies for families in need, technology upgrades, playground equipment and Challenge Day - a program that goes beyond traditional anti-bullying efforts, building empathy and inspiring a school-wide movement of compassion and positive change. From helping the Kiel Historical Society purchase flags and supporting a youth soccer club to donations for the Kiel Police Department, and even the city's annual picnic, we're proud to play an active role in making Kiel a better place.

"Companies come in and talk a lot about how they want to be part of the community. The rare breeds and the gems who actually step up and do something are the ones we like to see," Kiel Police Chief, David Funkhouser says of Shopko.

Guidelines for Applying

Publicly and privately funded schools (k-12) are eligible for consideration. Grants will be awarded up to $2,500. We recommend the school be located within 25 miles of a Shopko store. Community Education Grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis by our Committee in January, April, July, and October. Grants submitted by the end of the prior months, respectively, will be reviewed and considered.

Although we'd like to support everyone, the Shopko Foundation is not able to fund all worthy causes. Please see our FAQ section of the page to see if your orgranization would be eligible for funding.


Once you have determined that your school is eligible to apply for a grant, you can log in or create an account. The following information will be required:

  • Tax ID number: You will be asked to enter the school’s Federal Tax ID to verify its tax exempt status with information in the IRS database
  • Eligibly Evaluation: You will be asked to respond to an eligibility question to determine if your school meets the criteria for a grant
  • School, Contact and Grant Information: Please read and follow directions carefully as you complete the required fields
  • Attachments: You will be asked to attach the following documents:
    • Project Budget
    • Tax Exempt/Accreditation Status (required)
    • Additional Supporting Material

After you have reviewed and submitted your application, you will receive an e-mail verifying the successful submission of the application. You will receive email notification of the grant status following the Foundation Committees Quarterly Review Meeting. Approved requests recipients will be contacted by your local Shopko Store for check presentation.


How can I promote my grant?

What are the areas of focus for Shopko Foundation’s Grant Programs?

The Shopko Foundation supports programs and organizations that have an emphasis on health and/or education.

What is not funded through the Shopko Foundation Grant programs?

  • Advertising in event programs or yearbooks
  • Capital Campaigns, rebuilding expenses
  • Charitable requests in support of raffle, auctions, benefits or similar fundraising events
  • Contests or pageants
  • Family foundations, personal trusts, private foundations, etc.
  • Fundraising events (walks, races, tournaments, dinners, etc.)
  • Grants benefiting specific individuals or sponsorships for individuals or teams participating in cause-related events
  • In-kind donations including requests for merchandise or gift cards
  • Memberships, registration fees, including association/chamber memberships
  • National non-profit or charitable organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of sex, creed, national origin or religion
  • Organizations whose services do not benefit the community at large
  • Political, fraternal or religious groups (gifts designated for, and restricted to, human services or humanitarian purposes may be eligible)
  • Private Child Daycare facilities
  • Programs or events outside of Shopko communities
  • Programs or events that do not support the Foundation’s mission
  • Re-granting funds to another organization or entity
  • Salaries, stipends and travel expenses
  • Scholarship Programs (other than the Shopko Teammate & Family Member Scholarship Program)
  • Sponsorship of cultural exhibits
  • Sports clubs, sports team sponsorships or sporting events

How do I know if my organization or school is eligible to receive a grant from the Shopko Foundation?

To request a Grant, your organization must be a federally tax-exempt section 501(c)(3) charitable organizations or an accredited school.

How do we know if our organization is within the Shopko community?

We accept grant requests from organizations/schools that are in the communities where Shopko has stores. Your organization must be within 25 miles of one of our stores in order to apply for a Shopko Foundation grant.

My organization is based in a community you serve but our work is in another country. Can I still apply for a grant?

Unfortunately, no. All non-profits must serve people in our communities.

Since I have received a grant from the Shopko Foundation for several years, do I still need to apply?

Yes, please. Each grant award is valid for one year only and must be requested annually.

Can I apply for more than one grant from the Shopko Foundation?

Unfortunately, no. We typically limit our funding to once a year.

My 501(c)(3) has a pending status; do I qualify to receive a donation?

No. The Shopko Foundation does not fund organizations with a pending 501(c)(3) status. Only organizations that are verified with a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, are eligible to receive donations.

My organization has 501(c)(3) status but I received an error when completing a grant application stating: “The Tax ID that you entered was not found in the IRS database. We cannot accept applications from organizations that are not certified 501(c)(3) organizations by the IRS.” Can I submit our IRS status letter to the Shopko Foundation as proof?

We utilize the IRS database to verify 501(c)(3) status and are unable to accept any other alternative form of documentation. Please contact the IRS to discuss any concerns you may have with your organization’s status listing.

Is my application automatically saved once I create an account?

No, your application is not saved automatically. To ensure no application data is lost, please click on the "Save and Finish Later" button at the bottom of each application page.

Is my internet browser compatible with Shopko Foundation’s online grant applications?

Our online grant applications are certified to work with the following internet browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (for PC) SP-2
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 (for PC)
  • Safari 2.0 (for Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Do I need to have cookies enabled on my internet browser?

Yes, Shopko Foundation online applications place a cookie on your computer to enable the "Save and Finish Later" functionality. Please check the user's manual for your internet browser to enable cookies if you receive an error message.

Where do I forward my online application?

Once the application is completed online, you will need to click the "Review & Submit" button at the bottom of the last page of the application to submit your application electronically on the internet. Once your application has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you used to create your online grant application account.

Can I mail a copy of my grant request for review?

Please do not mail any grant requests. Only online applications will be considered.

Can I get a copy of the online application form?

You will be able to print a copy as you are filling out the online application form. Click on the "Printer Friendly Version" link located in the top right hand corner of each application page. You can also log into your account and check under the Submitted Applications section. Select the appropriate application, open it and print.

Do I have to complete the application in one online session?

No, you can start the application and choose to save and finish it at another time. Just click on the "Save and Finish Later" button located at the bottom of each application page.

How should I notify the Shopko Foundation if my email or mailing address changes after I submit my online application?

You are able to update this information through your online grant application account. Log in using the email address you used to create the account. Once you’ve logged in, select the “Change Email/Password” link and follow the prompts. Or, email to let us know. Be sure to provide the name of your organization and the old address information in the email.

Are Shopko Foundation grants transferable?

Shopko Foundation grants are non-transferable and should be used for the program applied. If a grant was provided to one organization, the grant may not be transferred to a new program or organization.

As long as the recipient organization can administer the program as described in the grant application, then the grant should stay at that organization. If they aren't able or willing to administer the program or if the organization has closed, then the grant check needs to be returned to the Shopko Foundation.

I did not receive full funding of the grant I applied for. Will I receive the rest of the funds I requested?

Regretfully, we are unable to provide full funding support for your program at this time. The Foundation awards grants based on the merits of each request and available funding. We wish you success in securing additional financial support for your program.

"The rare breeds and the gems who actually step up and do something are the ones we like to see."
- David Funkhouser,
Kiel Police Chief

If you have been helped by a Shopko Foundation grant or scholarship, take a minute and tell us about it!