Teammate Community Service
Challenge Program

support causes you love

If it's important to you, it's important to us.

We enjoy a unique culture at Shopko. We encourage teammates to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Whether that's participating in an organized community event, volunteering individually, or raising money for non-profit, it's all good.

The Shopko Foundation sponsors charitable causes that our teammates support. Plus, we match our stated mission of encouraging the health & wellness and education of Shopko customers, teammates, and communities. So, Shopko teammates who volunteer their time for a non-profit organization in their communities are eligible to receive a Teammate Charitable Service Challenge Grant from the Shopko Foundation.

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Guidelines for Applying

All Shopko teammates who volunteer their time and log their hours for qualifying non-profit organization are eligible for a potential grant from the Teammate Community Service Challenge Program.


Our Shopko Foundation Committee will select awardees. There are three eligible award levels. All hours within each award level are subject to verification. All hours must be logged by December 31st. Hours are in accumulation for the entire year and do not carry over to the next year. All potential non-profit award recipients must be authorized by the Committee and meet the Foundation’s criteria for acceptable community service. Please refer to the award criteria below.

  • Silver & Gold Awards: Individual Teammate Charitable Service Challenge awards will be granted for both the Silver $250 level and Gold $500 levels.
    • Silver Award Service Level—$250
      • At least 25 volunteer hours logged per year
      • Participation within a single organization
    • Gold Level Service Level—$500
      • At least 50 volunteer hours logged per year
      • Teammate with a long-term commitment to a single or multiple organizations
      • Teammate must choose which organization will receive funding
  • Volunteer of the Year Award: Only one individual $1,000 award will be granted at the end of the year. Hours in the Volunteer of the Year level are in accumulation for the entire year.
    • At least 100 volunteer hours logged per year
    • Teammate with an accomplished record of volunteer service and greatest impact on the community
    • Teammate must choose one organization to receive funding
    • Teammates who would like to be considered for the "Volunteer of the Year" must have all hours logged by December 1st in order to qualify

To log your hours, visit Shopko Today > Departments > Shopko Foundation > Teammate Charitable Service Challenge > Record My Volunteer Hours and you will automatically be entered for grant consideration. If you do not have access to a computer, please consult your Store Manager.


How do I order a Shopko Volunteer shirt?

Shopko and the Shopko Foundation recognize that volunteering will enrich and inspire the lives of our teammates and other community members. The Shopko Foundation will supply special volunteer t-shirts to promote your cause. To order your volunteer t-shirts, go to Shopko Today > Departments > Shopko Foundation > Teammates Charitable Service Challenge > Volunteer T-Shirt Order Form.

Can I participate during business hours?

Shopko encourages all teammates to be active members of their communities. We define volunteer service in the true sense of the word – something that teammates participate in on their own time, according to their personal schedules and interests.

How do I find a volunteer opportunity?

There are many volunteer opportunities in every community. Please visit your local Chamber of Commerce and they can help connect you with an organization that fits your interests.

Examples of volunteer opportunities:

  • Building a house for Habitat for Humanity
  • Volunteering at a food bank
  • Cleaning up a beach, park or trail
  • Coaching a youth basketball team
  • Becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister
  • Volunteering at a local hospital
  • Judging a science fair competition
  • Serving on a nonprofit board

How can I get involved in a volunteer project?

Participate individually through an organization with which you normally volunteer or wish to volunteer, and then log your hours on our site.

Participate in a group community service project with your work team or friends and family and then log your hours on our site.

How do I get photos of my volunteer activity on the Shopko website, Facebook page or newsletter?

We love to showcase our teammates volunteering in the community. Share your volunteer picture(s) with us at to potentially be featured in a Shopko newsletter and/or marketing materials. You can also display them at your store.

Will the organization that I volunteer for be awarded a grant?

Any organization that a teammate volunteers for and records their volunteer hours, which falls within the Foundation’s mission of supporting health and education, will be eligible for possible grant consideration.

Non eligible organizations include:

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of sex, creed, national origin or religion
  • Religious, political, labor and fraternal organizations

How often do I have to log my volunteer hours?

You can log your volunteer hours on an on-going basis.

I volunteer for more than one organization. Can I log my hours for both?

Yes, however, the teammate is only eligible to receive one grant.