With practice, removing your contact lenses will become an easy part of your daily routine. Just remember that it is normal to have a little trouble at first but sticking with it will make it easier and even second nature as time goes on. The steps below will help guide you through removing your contact lenses. However, always follow the proper use and care instructions provided by your optometrist.

washing hands

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Wash and rinse your hands thoroughly with water and oil-free soap. Ensure that your hands are completely dry before handling your contact lenses to avoid spreading any germs to your eyes. Never use tap water to rinse or clean your lenses or case.

start with the same eye

2. Start with the Same Eye Every Time

o avoid mixing up your lenses, start with the same eye each time you put them in or take them out. If you’re right-handed, start with the right lens. If you’re left-handed, start with the left. This will become a habit as you practice this method daily.

squeeze contact to remove from eye

3. Remove the Contact Lens

Pull your lower eyelid down with the index finger of your non-dominant hand and use your dominant middle finger to slide the lens down to the white part of the eye. With the pads of your index finger and thumb, gently squeeze the lens to remove it from your eye.

place lens in case

4. Place in Solution or Discard Dailies

Discard lenses if they're daily disposables. If you were prescribed extended wear lenses, clean the lens with solution. Place lens in the corresponding side of your case with fresh solution that completely covers the lens. Repeat steps for your other eye.

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