How to Pick Your Contact Lenses

Contact lens wearers have many different options when it comes to choosing comfortable and clear lenses such as length of wear, maintenance level, eye sensitivity, cost, and more. Considering key factors like your prescription and lifestyle needs will help you and your eye care provider determine the type of lenses that will work best for you.

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1. Determine How Often You’ll Wear Them

Think about how often you will be wearing your contact lenses. Are they going to be a part of your daily routine or reserved for special occasions? The amount of time you spend wearing your contact lenses will help influence the other requirements you set for picking your lenses.

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2. With the Help of Your Optometrist, Decide on A Wear Form

Wear forms such as daily disposables, bi-weekly/monthly replacements, and extended wear lenses can be worn for different amounts of time determined by the instructions provided by each manufacturer:

            • Daily disposables are designed for one-day use only and are disposed of each night. A fresh pair must be used for the following day.
            • Bi-weekly/monthly replacements require the reuse of one pair that are to be replaced every two weeks to one month depending on the specific instructions provided. This wear form must be removed and cleaned every night before being reused the following day.
            • Extended wear contacts are designed for continuous use, which means they can be worn overnight and do not need to be removed daily. Extended wear contacts may only need to be removed once a week for cleaning, depending on the specific instructions provided.
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3. Consider Your Desired Maintenance Level

Each type of contact lens requires a varying amount of care. Decide if you can commit to cleaning and replacing your contact lenses daily or weekly or if a daily disposable, low maintenance option would be best for you.

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4. Think About Your Eye Sensitivity

Are your eyes irritated easily, sensitive to allergens or dry out frequently? If so, you will want to discuss with your eye doctor and so that they can assist you in choosing contact lenses that accommodate these concerns.

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5. Consider the Cost

Contact lenses can vary in cost depending on the type you choose. Generally, daily disposable contact lenses will cost more because new lenses are used daily and will need to be repurchased more frequently. Reusable options such as bi-weekly/monthly replacements and extended wear lenses, however, can be more cost effective because each pair is used multiple times.

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6. Assess Your Prescription

Are you nearsighted or farsighted, in need of bifocals or multifocals, or suffer from astigmatism? Your eye doctor will help you choose contact lenses based on your prescription assessment.

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7. Decide If You Want Any Special Features

Decide if you want your lenses to have any additional features such as UV blocking, tint or eye color changing.

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8. Consult with Your Optometrist

Talk to your Shopko Optical optometrist to confirm which contact lenses will be the best fit for your prescription and lifestyle. Your eye doctor will work with your prescription and needs to help you decide on your ideal pair and even allow you to try them out before ordering a regular supply.

A regular visit to your trusted Shopko Optical optometrist is the best way to ensure your contact lenses are a perfect fit for you. Getting an annual comprehensive eye exam will guarantee your prescription is up-to-date and that from year to year you’re choosing the best lenses for your vision and lifestyle.

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