Gift Registry Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Registry?

You can easily create a registry online or in-store by filling out some basic information and creating a username and a password for your registry. This username and password is separate from your customer login. However, you may use the same information if you like.

To create a registry in-store, please go to the Customer Service desk. They can help create your registry account.

How do I add items to a Registry?

You can add items either online or in a Shopko store. To add items online, simply navigate to the item you wish to add and click the add to registry button. You will be prompted to log in to your registry account if you aren’t logged in already.

If adding items in-store, you will need to download the Shopko MyRegistry app via your smartphone. Or go here for Android or here for iPhone IOS.

How do I log in to my Shopko Registry?

Your registry at Shopko is powered by To manage your registry you will need to login either on Shopko’s registry page or on

How do I view or manage my Shopko Registry?

To log in to your existing Registry account, please navigate to the Shopko registry page and click the log in button. You will be prompted to use the information you supplied when creating your gift registry account. (Please note that your gift registry account login is separate from your login.) Then click the Manage My Registry button to view or manage your Shopko registry.

Why can’t I find my new Registry in the registry search box?

After you create a Shopko registry you will receive a confirmation email from our registry partner to complete your account. Only a completed account can be found in the search box. If you have completed your account and it still is not searchable, please check your setting to make sure your registry is not set to 'Private'.

Why do I only see my items added from Shopko?

When viewing your registry at Shopko, only items added from Shopko will be visible. If you have added items to your universal registry from other stores, simply login to your account to view those items.

How do I share my Shopko registry?

To share your Shopko registry, log in to your Shopko MyRegistry account then choose manage account. Under ‘Announce Your Registry’ you will see multiple ways of sharing your registry. You can send personalized eCards, create printable cards, or simply share a customized link directly to your registry.

How do I add a shipping address to my registry?

To add a shipping address, log in to your account and click the ‘My Settings’ tab. You can enter your address below the ‘Profile’ information. Once you add shipping information, it will display for your website visitors when they click the "shipping info" button at the top of your registry. We highly recommend that when you create a registry, you provide your visitors with an address to ship their purchases to. Many visitors find it convenient to have that kind of information handy for them when purchasing a gift for you.

How do I delete a gift I added to my registry?

Log in to your account and click on the ‘Manage Gifts’ tab. Then, simply check the small box next to the gift(s) you’d like to delete and click the 'Delete' button above your gift list.

How do my guests purchase a gift when I've indicated that I want more than one?

When you add a gift to your registry, the 'Add this Gift' window requires you to enter a number to represent how many units (quantity) of that particular gift you want. The quantity purchased is automatically reduced from the 'Quantity Desired' number on your gift list. For example, if you’ve requested two of the same item and someone bought only one, then the ‘Quantity Desired’ of that gift will be reduced to one. If you requested only one, the gift will become unavailable to prevent other guests from buying you the same item again.

I was notified that a gift was purchased, but the gift is not marked as 'Purchased' on my registry. Why?

If you received an e-mail or text message from notifying you that an item was purchased for you, but the item is not marked as 'Purchased' on your registry, it's possible that one of your guests restored an item he/she marked as purchased. Sometimes guests go to buy an item but decide not to complete the transaction, and accidentally mark the gift as 'Purchased'. When they realize that the item they were viewing is marked as 'Purchased', they can restore the item themselves or request us to do so for them.

How do I restore a gift that is marked as 'Purchased' on my registry?

You can easily make an item available again for purchase on the 'Manage Gifts' tab. Just locate the item that you wish to make available again and click the link 'Make Available Again'.

Can someone buy from my registry in a Shopko store?

Yes, guests can easily purchase items locally in a Shopko store. They simply need to print a copy of your registry and provide it to the Shopko Store Cashier, so the item will be marked purchased on your gift list at checkout.

How will I know if items I've picked are no longer in stock?

There might be items that were in your registry that are no longer in stock a few months later; this is because some items we carry are available only on a seasonal basis. If an item on your registry is no longer in stock, you will see the message 'Item unavailable'. If you'd like to remove the out-of-stock item from your registry, check the small box next to the gift(s) you’d like to delete and click the 'Delete' button above your gift list..'

Shopko has partnered with to fulfill all your registry needs. If you have any additional questions not answered here, please feel free to call MyRegistry customer service team at 201-886-1000.