Shopko is committed to providing entry level opportunities to individuals interested in pursuing an exciting, fast-paced career in retail, store management, merchandising, eye care, pharmacy and corporate support.

Campus Events

Shopko actively recruits talent at many campus recruiting events nationwide throughout the year. Visit us at one of our campus events this year, or contact:

Corporate Recruiting: or 1-800-688-6396

Retail Health Recruiting: or 1-800-688-6396


Pharmacy Internships

The Shopko Pharmacy Summer Internship program is a great way to experience the rewards of working in a community pharmacy, while practicing the skills you’ve learned in a classroom.

Shopko’s Internships offer:

  • Guidance of a Shopko Pharmacy Manager mentor
  • Experience in pharmacy technology, laws, prescription processing, consultations, OTC and prescription medication, drug interactions
  • Program tailored to individual interests and school requirements, including pharmacy management, consultation, drug interaction, pharmacy ethics, and disease state management experiences
  • Project opportunity such as coordinating a diabetic or health fair, implementing a new business strategy or conducting a smoking cessation clinic
  • Weekly conference calls and support throughout the program

New Graduate Pharmacist

Shopko’s New Graduate Pharmacists receive:

  • Individualized training with a Shopko Pharmacy Manager
  • Excellent support from pharmacist leadership team to help make the adjustment into becoming a licensed RPH
  • Opportunity to develop relationships with customers and staff (typically will not float shifts unless agreed upon in advance)

Pharmacy Student Loans

Proud of our strong retail health heritage, Shopko has implemented a Pharmacy Student Loan Program to continue to promote the profession. Eligible students can qualify for up to $33,000 in student loans.

Eligible Students:

  • Accepted into pharmacy school and remain in good standing
  • Have an employment or experiential relationship with Shopko
  • Recommended by a Shopko Pharmacy Manager for the loan program
    • Participation in the Shopko Pharmacy Summer Internship Program is an opportunity to receive recommendation for the Student Loan Program.

Loans are forgiven though Pharmacist employment with Shopko or can be repaid with nominal interest.

Pharmacy Rotation/Clerkship/Experiential Opportunities

Shopko believes in the importance of combining classroom learning with on the job experience, which is why Shopko partners with multiple Colleges and Universities to provide IPPE and APPE experiences.

Clerkship sites at Shopko offer:

  • Patient consultations
  • Interface opportunities with other medical professionals
  • Ability to contribute to various pharmacy programs and project works
  • Exposure to our on-site clinics and interaction with managed care facilities also available at many sites
  • Individual mentoring from your preceptor based on Shopko’s generous Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician complement

Contact your campus office to learn more about rotations at Shopko!

Pharmacy Scholarship Program

Shopko awards scholarships to Pharmacy students each year through our Pharmacy Scholarship program. We believe in offering students assistance with their education to help offset rising tuitions and costs, and demonstrate our support of the Pharmacy profession.

Eligible Students:
Scholarship recipients are determined through each Pharmacy School’s awards program and are provided to Pharmacy students interested in community pharmacy.


Shopko offers newly graduated Doctors of Optometry corporate, regional and clinic support staff; continuing education opportunities, and time for patient-focused care in our Optometrist roles.

Corporate and Merchandising

Corporate Summer Internships

Shopko understands the value of applying class concepts in a professional environment. Our unique internship program combines real-life experience and professional development courses to prepare students for their chosen career.

An internship at Shopko offers:

  • Full-time professional experience in your area of study
  • Direct exposure to senior leadership, and an internship mentor to provide guidance and support
  • Personal development coursework, including resume and interviewing techniques with Shopko’s Recruiting team

Executive Merchandise Training Program

Shopko's Merchandise Trainee program is a 12-week fast-track curriculum for college graduates interested in a corporate merchandising career.

The Executive Merchandise Trainee opportunity offers:

  • One-on-one, hands-on, and classroom training regarding Shopko's Merchandising Strategy, E-Commerce, Trend, Buying, and Inventory Management processes
  • Opportunity to work with and alongside passionate and dedicated merchandising professionals
  • Tours of each of Shopko’s store formats, as well as a Distribution Center and the Optical Lab

The first role upon completion of the training program is a Business Analyst, a critically important role in inventory management. Shopko’s Business Analysts work with merchandising, vendors, stores, and distribution centers to maximize in-stock, and create an efficient flow of merchandise. From there, your career has many possibilities!

Former EMTs are currently working in:

  • E-Commerce
  • Trend
  • Buying
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Space Planning

To view a previous program training schedule, click here


Store Associate

Shopko’s store teammates deliver each day on providing exceptional customer service. Through working individually, as well as in a fast-paced team-oriented environment, Shopko Store Associates receive on-the-job training to succeed in their role, and the foundation to pursue advancement opportunities within Shopko.

Store Operations Management Trainee Program

This accelerated training opportunity is designed to prepare leaders for a Store Management career with Shopko following college graduation.

The initial 12 weeks of the program offers:

  • One-on-one training with customer-focused, enthusiastic store leaders and specialists in Shopko’s store operational processes; from managing the daily store operations to coaching and developing teammates, business acumen and asset protection
  • Preparation for a career in which you will have a direct impact on the stores’ profitability and effectiveness
  • Tours of each of Shopko’s store formats, as well as a Distribution Center and the Optical Lab

The first role upon completion of the training program is Department Manager. From there, your career has many possibilities!