Vendor Partnership Manual

Welcome to the Shopko Stores Operating Company LLC Vendor Partnership Manual Web Site.

This Web site is intended to keep you, our vendor partner, up-to-date regarding the requirements for conducting business with Shopko Stores Operating Company LLC (herein referred to as Shopko). This site contains the latest version of Shopko's Vendor Partnership Manual.

The Vendor Partnership Manual sets forth our terms and conditions along with our operational requirements of our vendor partners in order to sell merchandise to Shopko Stores. This manual is subject to periodic change by Shopko.

Adherence to all of these changes is your responsibility. The most recent changes will be identified by a "What's New" page preceding the Table of Contents within each chapter.

Please read all of the documents within this site carefully; please do not complete any of the forms unless asked by us to do so. The forms are for reference purposes only.

This electronic format allows you the ability to download the documents via the use of Acrobat® Reader. Please feel free to disseminate these requirements to members of your organization who may not have access to the Internet. Any questions on how to download this document should be directed to your Internet administrator.

We value your commitment to Shopko's business.

01 - Introduction - Updated 7/15/13
An overview of the purpose and benefits of the Vendor Partnership Manual.

02 - Vendor Setup - Updated 7/15/13
Examples of all forms needed for a new vendor setup along with a brief explanation of each.

03 - Terms & Conditions of Purchase Order - Updated 7/15/13
Purchase Order violations, terms & conditions, and penalties.

04 - Agreement on Confidentiality - Updated 7/15/13
Agreement concerning use and protection of Confidential Information with respect to Shopko's business operations.

05 - Code of Ethics - Updated 7/15/13
Overview of all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the United States with respect to, but not limited to, wages & hours, child labor, prison labor, disciplinary practices, discrimination, worker safety, product safety, and environment.

06 - EDI - Updated 7/15/13
EDI procedures and requirements, testing information, and Advanced Ship Notification (ASN).

07 - Private Brand and Trend Division - Updated 7/15/13
Procedures, requirements and non-compliance penalties associated with adherence to quality standards.

08 - Distribution and Domestic Transportation - Updated 7/15/13
Routing, loading and shipping instructions, carton marking requirements, compliance and chargeback penalties associated with domestic purchase order shipping.

09 - Reverse Logistics/Product Recall - Updated 7/15/13
Information on merchandise returns and product recall.

10 - Inventory Management - Updated 7/15/13
Replenishment standards and information.

11 - Imports - Updated 7/15/13
All information needed to properly quote and complete direct import business with ShopKo.

12 - POE Shipments - Updated 7/15/13
An overview of POE shipping requirements.

13 - Accounts Payable - Updated 7/15/13
Invoice requirements, Billing Instructions, Price/Quantity Discrepancy Invoice/Chargebacks, Compliance Policies and "Who to call" in Accounting.

14 - Allowances - Updated 7/15/13
Definitions of Vendor Allowance categories.

15 - Vendor Source Tagging - Updated 7/15/13
Information to properly understand and implement Source Tagging on all non-apparel items.

16 - Ecommerce Drop Ship Terms - Updated 7/15/13