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We Know Seeing is Believing

We want you to be confident in your contacts which is why we challenge you to try Biotrue® ONEday FREE** for 10 days so you can experience the clarity, convenience, and comfort for yourself.





**Patient is responsible for any exam, fitting, and evaluation fees.
Outside prescriptions not eligible.

How it works

  1. Schedule an appointment with your Shopko Optical optometrist* to decide which contacts are right for your vision and lifestyle.
  2. Receive a free** 10-day supply of lenses, see how they work for you, and tell us what you think.
  3. Our team will work with you to order your full supply of lenses and provide you with excellent benefits like annual supply rebates and shipping directly to your door.

Why Daily Contacts?


A frequent replacement schedule reduces deposit build-up for a healthy lens-wearing experience.

contact lens

Start each day with a fresh, clean lens for a comfortable wear all day long.

travel suitcase

Minimal maintenance and a great choice for busy on-the-go lifestyles and travel.

Ask your Shopko Optical optometrist if Biotrue® ONEday is right for you and start your free** trial today!

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