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Endless Games Flippin Out

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Flippin Out---Inspired by the classic parlor game, FLIPPIN OUT! is a wild and fast thinking party game were a letter or a player is eliminated with each flip of a chip. Chips representing the letters A-Z are spread out amongst all players. A category is read( eg: "Produce) on your turn you have 10 seconds to say something within the category and flip over the first lettter of that word. ( Lettuce- L, Apples- A, Pears-P ..etc). Each letter may only be used once and you never know what the next person may say! Say a work and flip a chip within 10 second time limit, and you stay in the round. Scroll through your mental rolodex and think fast because... you're either Flippin or Flippin OUT!
  • Age 10+
  • Endless Games Flippin Out

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