With exciting growth plans, Shopko is opening new eye care centers in a variety of locations!

"Total team eye care" is Shopko's philosophy. Patient-focused and lifestyle-driven, our goal is to meet individual patient needs and find eye care solutions to satisfy those needs.

Shopko offers Optometrists Employment and Lease opportunities.

Why Optical at Shopko?

  • Patient Focused Care
    • Comprehensive array of optical services in a professional environment
    • Eye care centers have achieved an outstanding 93% customer satisfaction
  • Experienced Support
    • Knowledgeable staff, including medical billing teammates
    • Company owned, state-of-the-art optical lab that supplies our eyecare centers
    • Equipped exam lanes

Quick Facts:

  • In 1978, Shopko began to offer optical services; a leader in the retail industry
  • Shopko Optometrists annually dispense over 500,000 prescriptions for eyewear
  • Shopko Optometrists perform more than 370,000 eye exams annually
  • Shopko is one of the 15 largest optical companies in the United States

Doctor of Optometry Careers

Doctors of Optometry at Shopko Eyecare Centers provide complete eye care services including:

  • Eye exams
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye disease

Optometric practice at Shopko includes:

  • Visual field analysis
  • Cataract and refractive surgery co-management

As trusted community healthcare professionals, our Optometrists are dedicated to bringing superior healthcare to all of our patients. We seek Optometrists who welcome the opportunity to practice their profession in a friendly environment staffed with a well-trained support team.

Doctor of Optometry Students

Shopko is dedicated to providing entry level opportunities to Doctor of Optometry Students, and visits campus optometry programs throughout the country each year to meet potential future Shopko Optometrists. For more information, please visit our Campus Recruiting page here.

Optician and Optical Manager Careers

We know that being there for patients is the most important part of the job, so we’re committed to providing our Opticians and Optical Managers with all the resources necessary to ensure that they can provide the best patient care in the industry.

Our Opticians and Optical Managers:

  • Play a critical role in ensuring a patient focused, customer oriented experience
  • Work with patients to dispense and order eyewear
  • Perform initial pre-screening tests

Shopko is committed to the internal development of our teammates. Over 90% of Shopko’s Optical Managers have been promoted from within. We provide on-the-job and formal training, in addition to support for Opticians to become industry certified through the American Board of Optometry (ABO).