Floor Ready Manual

Welcome to the Vendor Floor Ready Manual Download Page for Shopko.

Over the past several years Shopko, with the support of our vendor partners, has achieved a Floor Ready Compliance of over 99% in Apparel. Shopko thanks our vendor partners committed to this initiative and who have made this achievement possible.

A key element of developing a strong partnership and achieving this goal is clear communication. As such, we have revised our Floor Ready Manual to include the most recent changes to our requirements. Discard all previous copies you may have of Shopko's Floor Ready Manual prior to September, 2004.

Floor Ready requirements describe in detail in this manual includes UPC, Hangtag, Hangers, Garment Labeling, Sizing Standards, Size Clips, Folded Garment Requirements, Price Tickets, Trash Free Packaging and Private Brand Packaging.

We urge you to carefully study this manual and understand all costs involved. You, our supplier, are responsible for including the cost of Floor Ready in you initial quotes to Buyers. Non-compliance to these standards is not an alternative.

This online format allows you the ability to download the documents via the use of Adobe Acrobat® Reader. Please feel free to disseminate these requirements to members of your organization who may not have access to the Internet. If you have any questions on how to download these documents, consult your internal Internet administrator.

We value your commitment to Shopko's business.

A - Introduction - Updated 11/2012

B - Suppliers - Updated 11/2012

C - Vendor Non-Compliance Fees - Updated 11/2012

D - Private Brand Management - Updated 11/2012

E - HangTag/Price Ticket Requirements - Updated 11/2012

F - Hanger and Size Clip Leadtimes - Updated 11/2012

G - Newborn and Infant Hanging Requirements - Updated 11/2012

H - Toddler Hanging Requirements - Updated 11/2012

I - Girls Hanging/Folding Requirements< - Updated 11/2012

J - Boys Hanging/Folding Requirements - Updated 11/2012

K - Ladies and Juniors/Folding Requirements - Updated 11/2012

L - Womens/Plus Hanging/Folding Requirements - Updated 11/2012

M - Ladies Maternity Hanging/Folding Requirements - Updated 11/2012

N - Men's Hanging/Folding Requirements - Updated 11/2012

O - Lingerie/Bras & Panties Hanging/Folding Requirements - Updated 11/2012

P - Accessories Hanging Requirements - Updated 11/2012

Q - Home Textiles Hanging Requirements - Updated 11/2012