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Random house - Encyclopedia Of Sewing And Fabric Crafts #89688

Encyclopedia Of Sewing And Fabric Crafts

Categories: Home > Books > Non-Fiction > General
Whether you just bought your first sewing machine or have been sewing for years, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts will open your eyes to an irresistible range of ideas. A c... Read more
Craft Storage - ArtBin Store-In-Drawer Cabinet, Translucent #114003

ArtBin Store-In-Drawer Cabinet

Colors: Translucent
Categories: Home > Sewing & Crafts > Crafts > Craft Storage
This is wonderful cabinet for any kind of craft, sewing or needle-work. It's a convenient size to set on the counter, table or for added convenience they stack easily or you can mount them on your ... Read more