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My Friendship Bracelet

Wallflower - Wall Flower 3 Strand Friendship Bracelet #85101

Wall Flower 3 Strand Friendship Bracelet

Sale $5.99
Reg $20.00
Colors: Rhodium/Crystal
Categories: Jewelry > Fashion Jewelry > Bracelets
Wallflower 3-strand Friendship Bracelet Set • Includes 3 stretch beaded bracelets and 1 peace sign bracelet. Read more
Arts & Crafts - Monster High Friendship Bracelet Kit #70227

Monster High Friendship Bracelet Kit

Sale $7.99
Reg $9.99
Categories: Toys > Arts & Crafts > Jewelry & Bead Kits
Make 12 claw-some bracelets for yourself and your friends with the Monster High Freaky Friendship Bracelet Kit. Weave together some of the coolest bracelets around! • Friendship bracelet web, 24 be... Read more
Klutz - Fancy Friendship Bracelets #81698

Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Categories: Home > Books > Childrens Books > Activity Books
Introducing Fancy Friendship Bracelets, the original Friendship Bracelet's new best friend. We started with super-simple instructions for a flock of all-new bracelet designs. We added five differen... Read more