Clock Toy

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Learning Clock

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The time to teach is now! A colorful wooden clock features 12 wooden blocks, each a different shape, which fit into matching slots, plus movable hands! With lots of 'timely' information on the hand... Read more

4M Potato Clock

Categories: Toys > Arts & Crafts > Crafts
What! No batteries? Be a scientist as you discover how to power this digital clock using potatoes. Experiment to find out what other substances will power the clock - you'll be amazed! The Potato C... Read more

Time Tracker-Visual Timer & Clock

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Categories: Toys > Games & Puzzles > Board Games > Kids Games
The Time Tracker Visual Timer has literally hundreds of uses in the classroom, around the house, and in the workplace. Use it for tests, study sessions, speeches, telephone calls, cooking, and mor... Read more